Now you have signed up to get your own free gift, you just need some referrals and that game console or i pod will be yours before long.I started small when i joined first and went for an ipod shuffle which only   needs 2 referrals.I was then able to prove to people how easy it is and it built from there.Below are some tips and ideas that are used most often to get referrals but there are no set rules ,so think outside the box and use your imagination.Often the simplest of ideas can reap huge rewards.

Friends & Family

This is by far the easiest way to get  your first lot of referrals, you can get enough referrals for your free console or ipod  in a couple of days with minimal work. It can all be done via e-mail, instant messenger such as MSN or even face to face! It's quite possible to get your first few freebies with just your friends and family. Just make sure that that they do not sign up on the same computer as you.. If you want give them the URL of this site to help explain the process of getting free stuff online and proof that this is a genuine, safe method of getting the latest consoles and gadgets for free.

Create Your Own Website or Blog

Create your own website or blog, similar to this one. This is probably the best way of getting referrals but like most things, if you put a lot of thought and effort into the design and content of your website you'll get better results. 


Social networking sites like myspace or facebook can be good sources of referrals. Be careful not to spam anybody as that is the quickest way to get your account banned.Be friendly and let people know about how you can get the latest free stuff online without bothering them or using excessive pressure. You could start a group or fan page devoted to the latest consoles and gadgets. Just use moderation and you'll be fine.

eXceem Forums

eXceem is a forum completely dedicated to the freebie world.It has a membership of over 35,000 people from all over the world They provide loads of excellent information and tips on getting referrals and a thread listing all of the free stuff they have received. They have advice on how to get those referrals and on the best ways to publicise your website as well as loads more. It's free to join and it's a very friendly place. They also have a trades section to help you get a few more referrals. There's even the odd competition or two as well as the chance to make some good, like-minded friends.

Business Cards

Use a company such as vistaprint and get some business cards printed, its a small investment for a big return. Give them out at your workplace or in towns. Deliver a clear, straight to the point message and make sure you include the URL to your new website.