Below are just a few recommended offers on Freebiejeebies.
You will see the full list of offers when you  login to your account

*******Offer update *******
This morning Freebiejeebies announced a brand new offer (and a brand new concept) that now allows you and more importantly, everyone you refer to complete their offer 100% completely free guaranteed .
Here's the deal. 
The offer is the well known William Hill Live Casino. (It is open to all countries except the USA.)
 A £15 deposit is required to join. (William Hill will match that 1st deposit x 100% so you have £30 to play with.
 Now this is where freebiejeebies have stepped in. 
As soon as the offer is completed (within 48hrs)  freebiejeebies will refund you the £15 deposit in full back into your pay- pal / bank account/ moneybookers ,or whatever way you made your deposit.
So there we are. not only is it a simple and free way to complete your own offer but it now makes it 100 times easier and more attractive to get referrals as it is a 100% no lose offer guaranteed.

Theses great offers are open to Irish participants

Use code 25Free and get £25 free with your £5 deposit
get a massive 200% bonus with your £5 deposit
250% free bonus on your £5 deposit

1.  Posh Bingo
2.  Wink Bingo
3. Tasty BingoThese 3 offers only cost £5 each to do and they all offer huge cash bonus on your first deposit.

All the advertising companies are reputable and safe,and you are not under any obligation whatsoever to continue with any of the services offered.
If you choose a free trial,that is exactly what it is.The only reason companies want credit/card details for trials is for billing purposes if you wish to continue with their service.
 To prove my trust in these 2 sites i will pay for your first offer on either of them  so your account will be activated . You have absolutely nothing to lose. just email me when you want to complete your offer and i will pay for it. You will then see you account is active and you are set to go.
Why would i do that ?   I will also get a credit for referring you ,simple as that. 
Remember each and every credit you get is worth £20 on freebiejeebies  and on Xpango every credit is worth £10 .but as the offers are valued between 1 and 4 credits. you can get as much as £40 by just completing one offer.
Start posting your link on Facebook/Twitter etc and watch those referrals rolling in.

Great offers on Xpango for Residents of the USA

Once you have a Referral ID you can particpate in any of the Xpango Offers listed below and gain more credits towards your free gift. You can get a Credit for each friend you refer who completes an Offer too!

FREE OFFER: Share your opinions with Toluna and earn 1 credit!
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Free Trial - Train your Brain with Lumosity and earn 1 credit
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Get a $10 Music Credit with Your 7 Day FREE Trial with eMusic
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Join Blockbuster today and receive 50% off! Rent DVD's, Games & Earn 1 Credit!
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Try a 14 Day Free Trial of GameHouse, Play Free Games & Earn 1 Credit!
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Play games with real players and win prizes! Earn 3 Credits today!
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Trial BrainBuys and earn 1 credit!
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Try Audible Free for 30 days and receive 1 credit
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Register and play with WildTangent Games to earn 1 Credit!
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Sign-up for Game Rentals with GameFly and earn 2 Credits!
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Join Gamemine and earn 1 credit with Xpango
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Register and bid with Bidz!
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