How it works

The way these sites work is pretty simply. From the welcome page you know that you have to sign up, complete an offer, then refer ‘x’ amount of people to do the same. This page will highlight what exactly is happening as you do so.

The Freebie Sites: Freebiejeebies and Xpango

The Freebie sites are the medium you go through. They are an advertising board as such for companies worldwide to display their services. Every time an offer is completed,whether it be a no obligation  free trial or a paid offer,the company pays a commission of at least £25 to the freebie site for getting them a potential new customer.The freebie site in turn use part of every commission to pay for the gifts. 

The Advertisers :

Big Companies worldwide are these days looking for more cost effective ways of advertising.They now do this by what is known as affiliate marketing(referral marketing).They benefit because they are getting people using their services for much less than it would cost for normal advertising mediums. Advertising on the radio can cost between £200-£700 for 1 minute. Advertising on hugely popular sites such as freebiejeebies or Xpango has great potential for new business and many people become long term customers.Getting one person to try their service costs them max £30, so it is worth it for them. You will be dealing with trusted well known  companies like:
To companies, this is not as great a risk as doing TV ads, as it doesn't cost as much, yet they are reaching a wide audience in the process.
Here are a few of the more popular offers right now.
Posh BingoThis offer costs just £5  

Wink Bingo.- Also only £5

William Hill Live Casino. This is the hottest offer at the moment. It requires a £15 deposit, but on completion of the offer ,freebiejeebies will refund your £15 in full so making it  completely free to do.

You and Me:

We the consumer are in a great position.Freebie sites can afford to give away Thousands of free gifts because advertisers will pay them do do so. We are able to try out services we may not have known had existed for free. Some people will continue to use these services,such as Intuit web site design,or Pingo,as they are great legit companies,but others just try it for the trial period and decide its not for them and quit.Either way its fine and you will still be credited for signing up,because after all, it is the big advertisers that are paying the freebie Sites to encourage you to join up in the hope of you using and maybe staying with their service.   When we sign up and complete an offer, we are releasing money for the freebie site to use to buy us our free gift, and when we refer others they are also helping us to get our free gift, and themselves too. So we end up in a total win win situation with the gifts we always wanted for free.