Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Xpango and freebiejeebies.The home of free gifts in Ireland


Watch the Gadget show proof video

 Welcome to freebies in Ireland.
We have recently teamed up with the two largest and most trusted incentive reward websites in Europe. Freebiejeebies.and Xpango to offer you all the very latest gadgets and gifts such as the PS4,the ipod touch,i phone and much much more for a fraction of retail prices or even free.
Yes its understandable if you might think that this could not be possible,but its very real and thankfully with more and more companies using affiliate marketing as their main method of gaining new customers,ordinary people like you and i can receive highly sought after goods for little or nothing.

If you would like some immediate proof from like minded people i would highly recommend having a look at This is one of the largest forums online completely dedicated to the freebie scene.Its a very friendly community where you will get invaluable tips and advice on how to make your freebie quest a success.There is also a section "i got my free item" where everyone posts proof pics of what they received.
I will start with freebiejeebies. 

Have a read how it works and you will see how understandable and logical it all is.
In the last few years companies worldwide are looking at new and more cost effective ways to advertise their products and services.They do this now by what is called affiliate(referral) marketing.This relatively new form of marketing is now used by over 80% of companies in the USA but it has recently started to take a strong foothold over here. You have probably seen for example how companies like Sky will reward you with a €50 voucher if you refer a friend or family member to sign up to their service.Well this is exactly the same. These big companies pay the referral (freebie) site to bring them potential customers by advertising on their site.Customers are required to encourage others to sign up to the referral site in order to receive their free gift,thus promoting the site and generating revenue.The system is a very clever and cost effective way of making money by directing traffic to the advertisers ,with the direct benefit that we the customer receive a share of the advertising revenue in the form of free gifts.

To get started all you need to do is simply register. (its free and only takes a minute)
You then must complete just one offer/Free trial. stupidly,this is where quite a few people stall or get all nervous.
They are only offers.There is no obligation whatsoever to remain a customer if you do not wish.,there are no subscriptions or hidden charges.They are just advertisers offers and many people do continue as long term clients if they find a service that they like or suits their needs,and its for this very reason that we get rewarded for just trying a service.
There are many offers available,some cost a few quid but there are also free trials so it will not cost you a cent.Its completely up to yourself what offer you do and remember you only complete one offer ever no matter how many gifts you receive.
On completion of an offer your account will now be activated (go green) and you can get cracking on getting those referrals.

As i said previously the process is basically 3 simple steps.
1. register with the free site.(only your name, address,and a password is required)
2.Complete one offer/free trial
3.Get family,friends,or anyone to do the same and you will have your free gift in no time.

and see yourself how simple it is.

*******Offer update*******
Great new free trial offer.

This morning Freebiejeebies announced a brand new
offer (and a brand new concept) that now allows you
and more importantly, everyone you refer to complete 
their offer 100% completely free guaranteed .
Here's the deal. 
The offer is the well known William Hill Live Casino. (It is advertised on Tv every day)
 a £15 deposit is required to join,but this 
is where freebiejeebies have stepped in. 
As soon as the offer is completed ( within 48hrs)  
freebiejeebies will refund you the £15 deposit in full   
back into your pay pal / bank account/ moneybookers or 
whatever you choose.
So now not only is it a simple and free to 
complete your own offer but it now makes it 100 times 
easier and more attractive to get referrals as it is 100% 
no lose offer guaranteed.

                                                                 Join today  

Free Xbox 360

Introducing    Xpango 
Maybe you are finding it hard to get the amount of referrals you require, or simply you do not have the time ,well now there is no need to worry.With Xpango you can now get all the latest gadgets by accumulating credits.Unlike other sites, Xpango allows you to complete multiple offers yourself ,so if you wanted you can get your gift without referring anyone at all.You can see in the offer directory how many credits each offer is worth. 
For example a brand new Xbox360 requires only 15 credits,and completing the free offer such as can give you up to 4 credits, so this is a great way to get your gift a lot quicker.In fact if you want you can complete enough offers to get 15 credits in one evening.There are 5 free offers that will give you 6 credits,and 3 paid offers that will give you another 9 credits.The paid offers will cost you  €38  in total. €38  for a brand new Xbox360 is a no brainer if you ask me.You can complete as many offers as you like so long as you have not completed them before on a different site.
You will also have your own referral link so you can post it on Facebook,Twitter,MySpace,etc to help get extra referrals.
Xpango is now up there with Freebiejeebies as the two biggest incentive reward sites in Europe and is now also Exceem supported. See Xpango review  2014
To join Xpango click HERE

To prove my trust in these 2 sites i will pay for your first offer ( £5 ) on either of them  so your account will be activated . You have absolutely nothing to lose. just email me when you want to complete your offer and i will pay for it. You will then see you account is active and you are set to go.
Why would i do that ?   I will also get a credit for referring you to the site,simple as that. 
Remember each and every credit you get is worth £20 on freebiejeebies  and on Xpango every credit is worth £10, but as the offers are valued between 1 and 4 credits. you can get as much as £40 by just completing one offer.
Start posting your link on Facebook/Twitter etc and watch those referrals rolling in.
Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions or need any help.

Order status:
  Dispatched on 11 Oct 2013
Expected dispatch date:            
  My Latest Free Gift .
  11 Oct 2013 
Estimated delivery date:
  14 Oct 2013 
Check delivery status

* Sony PlayStation 3 Console (320GB Slim Model) with Resistance 3 and Battle: Los Angeles (Blu-ray Movie) Bundle
  Qty: 1 
 : Amazon EU S.a.r.L. 

* AmazonBasics High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet (6.5 Feet / 2.0 Meters)

Here is my Free PS3 320GB Slim that i received on Fri , 14/10/13.
Although not requested it even  came bundled with a free game,a blue-ray movie,and a high speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet.

Here we are back on my kitchen table again.My latest free gift.An 8GB white ipod touch.One of the best gadgets released in years.

Received just before Christmas.Brand new iPad 2

My latest free gift, a brand new iPad 2.


Christmas pressies for my son
3 free Xbox games from Xpango.

This is my latest free gift from Xpango  .A Beautiful 42" LG LCD TV  
As you can see from my photos ( taken in my kitchen ),these are not just pictures taken from the Internet.They are all real gifts that i have received from Xpango and freebiejeebies.