Q&A about freebie sites

Get this totally free.Sign up here and get this free.Yeah they are everywhere on the Internet theses days.
Most of the time we throw our eyes up and just move on.But what is the story here?.We have all heard the saying "there is no such thing as a free lunch" but why is there so many of these offers flying around at the moment.Surely they are all not scams,and if not, how do they work?.
The truth is that of course there are scams out there,but there are also quite a few perfectly legit referral (freebie) sites that are used safely and successfully by thousands of people every week.
The 2 biggest sites in Europe are Freebiejeebies, and Xpango.com. These 2 sites have been around since 2006/7 and have membership of millions.They are fully registered businesses,and only deal with 100% safe,reputable and well know companies.Each of these sites also have a top class support system for its members that would put a lot of well know businesses to shame.
So what is a freebie site?
A freebie site,or also known as a referral or incentive reward site is basically a platform where lots of different companies advertise their products and services.
So how do freebie sites work?
Well in the current economic climate companies are now having to find more cost effective ways to advertise their products and services.The traditional methods of tv and radio have lost their effectiveness and are extremely expensive.They now use a new form of marketing called affiliate(referral) marketing.This is where companies pay the referral (freebie) site to advertise on their website.When someone signs up and completes one of the advertisers offers or even just tries out a service, ie a free trial,they are then a potential long term customer. The company now pays a commission to the freebie site of which we get a share.We are encouraged to advertise our own referral links to get others to join up thus promoting the site and in turn releasing more commissions.This is how the freebie sites can afford to reward us in the form of free gifts.
While massive in the USA in the last few years ,affiliate marketing has now started to take a strong foothold over here and that is why we can expect to see proper freebie sites running very successfully for a quite a while yet.They do work 100%,and are quite straightforward.You just have to follow the rules and don't try and cheat the system.
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